Friday, May 1, 2015

Defrosting the Freezer!

I finally defrosted the garage freezer yesterday.  I had to fit its contents into the inside fridge/freezer which was already pretty full as I'd been trying to move things over the last few weeks.

Inside Freezer

Top Three Shelves, Close-up

Bottom Shelf & Drawer, Close-up

And this was the outside freezer.  The top was completely iced over, but I was pretty sure there wasn't anything hiding there.  The second shelf was also completely iced over and I expected to find a half ham, at least.  The next shelf was just some frozen veggies and steak.  The 4th shelf was a lot of meat and the bottom shelf was mostly bread and a little meat.  The door had zucchini and some chicken patties.

By the afternoon I could see the ham!  I had moved everything from the door so it would stay cooler.  While I worked most of this into the inside freezer, the kids (and neighbor kids) had fun hacking ice out and making snow cones.

By evening the inside was packed!

And those last items, 2 tubs of applesauce and a pound of sausage, were revealed by this morning.
I'm so glad this project is done.  I really get discouraged when I can't get to those projects I want to do, so I'm happy to have gotten to this one and I'll get to enjoy the reward of using less electricity for about 3 months!


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