Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First Pass at Freezer

I did make a first pass at the freezer last week.  First we emptied everything out.  Here's what our table looked like.

First thing, I stacked all the pie crusts on the top shelf in the back.  I rarely use these and they filled that space behind the icemaker nicely.  This is usually my "bread shelf" anyway so they're in an appropriate spot.  Also on this shelf are tortillas, sliced baguette, bread crumbs, and live flour.

On the next shelf I stacked up freezer meals of conforming size on the right and surrounding them are plastic containers of shredded/picked meat, broth, beans, tomatoes, etc.  The plastic boxes stack well and fit perfectly next to the dinners so they have a home.

I buy yogurt tubes when I find them on clearance and just pop them in to the freezer.  To save space we opened 5 boxes of tubes and fit them all in this one shelf in the freezer door.  That excess packaging took up a lot of extra space!

The bottom drawer I packed with meat and the remaining shelves I just tossed the rest of the bits and pieces in.  When I REALLY pack the freezer (hopefully by May 15) I'll pack these shelves better.

This is a photo of the freezer before and to all of this I added 4 freezer meals from the swap this week AND 16 pounds of chicken (mostly in the bottom shelves of the door).


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