Saturday, May 5, 2012

May Update

I know it hasn't been long since my April update, but I wanted to report on a couple things.

First, I've been using my clothesline for about four weeks and we've had such overcast, rainy weather for the last week or so all our laundry baskets are overflowing!  It totally irked me to have to use the dryer for two loads this week when I hadn't used it at all the previous three weeks!  I'm really looking forward to the sun that's supposed to be coming this week.  I bet I have a dozen loads of laundry piled up.  Crazy! 

Next, we were able to save the first chunk of our emergency fund in April.  It wasn't a lot, but we set aside 1.2% of our goal.  At this rate our emergency fund will only take us 7 years!  Ugh!  Hopefully we'll do better in future months! 

Goals for May:
Save for Emergency Fund!
Price mountains of garage sale stuff - at least 5 boxes per week.
Unplug freezer. 
Use Dryer only 5 times total (I've already used 2!)
Get the vegetable garden in (immediately!)


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