Saturday, May 19, 2012

Free Wine at Fred Meyer!

Fred Meyer is having their annual, amazing Founder's Day Sale and it ends today.  I shopped last night and got wine for almost free so had to share.

Their Beringer wines all on sale.  750 ML bottles, standard size are $5.99 each and the big bottles are $8.99.  I needed some white wine for a recipe and couldn't believe the deal when I saw the Mail-In Rebate attached to some of the bottles. 

Buy 6 bottles and get $35 back, buy 12 bottles and get $50 back.  The purchase of 6 had to total $35.05 or more to qualify and Fred Meyer gives a 10% discount on purchase of 6 bottles so I had to do some math.

I bought 5 bottles of the standard size for $5.99 each and one bottle of the 1.5 liter for $8.99.  The total price was $38.95.  Fred Meyer then discounted $3.90 for the 10% off leaving my total purchase price at $35.05, the minimum needed to get $35 back.

So I'm getting the wine for FREE, plus the price of a postage stamp when I mail the rebate.  I will do that immediately so I don't forget and I don't lose the receipt!


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