Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Menu Plan - Freezer Focus

I gave myself one more week to get the freezer emptied and I just might make it!  There still is an awful lot of chicken/turkey stock but if I use enough other stuff I think there will be room.

Last week we had a few menu change-ups so I'm rolling some meals into this week.

Monday - Stir Fry with freezer chicken, broccoli, snap peas
Tuesday - Crock Pot Pork Loin with freezer pork loan, cranberries
Wednesday - Leftovers for DH
Thursday - Leftovers for DH
Friday -  Ravioli (freezer) & red sauce
Saturday - Lasagna (freezer meal)
Sunday - At a wedding, hot dogs & tater tots for kids at home

Monday - Pizza
Tuesday - Chicken Nuggets (freezer)
Wednesday - At Aunt Renee's House
Thursday - At Aunt Renee's House
Friday - Finger food lunch with tater tots (freezer)
Saturday - Grilled Cheese
Sunday - pb & honey

I also have another freezer meal swap coming up.  I hope to use two containers of picked chicken and cook up a third chicken to make several pans of Chicken La Viva!  It calls for creamy, canned soup that the swap prefers NOT to use (we try to be healthier), so I think I'll make a white sauce instead using some of the chicken stock from the freezer.  I'll also use up a package of small tortillas and jack cheese I've saved for the occasion.  Yay!


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