Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Garden - Ready, Set, Grow!

Oh, the excitment of a garden!  I love, love watching the fruits of my labor come to life! 

I spent about $30 total on plants and seeds this year.  I got everything planted in the last couple of weeks.  It took several days because the girls wanted to help and I could only plant as long as my patience lasted! 

Here's a photo of the garden, all planted.  On the right are the plants that will be tallest fastest.  They're strategically placed to not shade other plants during premium sun hours.

 These little guys are cucumbers already sprouting.  Hooray!  They popped their little green heads up on day 7 and I was so excited to see them.  Slugs love my garden and I have major cucumber casualties every year so I planted a whole row this year in hopes some survive.

These are tiny snap peas that peeked out on day 8. The girls love these and we'll get at least two harvests this summer, possibly even three. I try to put these at an edge of the garden so the girls can pick and nibble whenever they're outside without actually stepping into the garden.

And finally, the green beans - off to a marvelous start.  Last year I blanched and froze most of our abundant bean harvest.  It was so easy to just pull out a bag of them from the freezer when I needed a veggie for dinner all through the winter and well into spring.  I hope we get a lot again this year.

I'll try to post photos of the garden again in a couple of weeks to show progress.  


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