Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Menu Plan

Oh the Menu Plan!  I'm so busy I don't want to take the time this morning, but I know the whole week will be better because of it.  I still want to use things from the freezer so I can be sure I'm using up old stuff. 

M - Pancakes & Bacon
T - Easy Turkey Pot Pie (using turkey from the freezer)
W - Creamy Chicken Freezer Meal
D - Macaronada
F - Freezer Meal
S - Company for Dinner - Sour Cream Chicken over Rice
S - Beef Stroganoff  (using round steak from fridge)

M - Baked Pasta
T - Chicken Nuggets
W - Nachos
D - Grilled Cheese
F - Waffles
S - Service Project Potluck - Bringing Fruit
S - Picnic Sandwiches

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