Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Menu Plan - Freezer Focus

My life is really so much more smooth when I know what we're having for meals.  I had a difficult couple of months this winter and wasn't motivated to menu plan.  In retrospect it probably added to why things were feeling so difficult!

7 Dinners:
Baked Pasta - pureed tomato, ground sausage/turkey, mozarella from freezer
Easy Pot Pie - shredded turkey, mixed veggies from freezer
Stir Fry - chicken thighs, broccoli, snap peas from freezer
Pot Roast - Roast from freezer
Dinner Out
Sour Cream Chicken - chicken & broth from freezer
Popcorn & Smoothies

7 Lunches:
Hot dogs & Fries - dogs, fries from freezer
Ravioli - from freezer
Chicken Nuggets - from freezer
Grilled Cheese
PB & Honey Sandwiches

I'm hoping my freezer feels much emptier after this week.  We have been using lots of fruit in smoothies and I did make a big pot of turkey soup that used several containers of broth over the weekend, but it doesn't feel like enough!


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