Sunday, April 22, 2012

Freezer Photos - 10 day goal!

Yesterday I mentioned my goal of unplugging the garage freezer by April 30. It's just not going to happen this year , but I will see what I can accomplish! I'll make my goal to unplug May 15 instead.

Here's a photo of our freezers a couple days ago:

I'm a great packer but I just can't fit all of this into our inside freezer! Instead I'll make a meal plan this week that is focused on using up bulky items and by April 30th I'll try to shift mostly into the inside freezer and see what I'm left with. Using my oldest stuff is my top priority.

I already know one big challenge is going to be a huge bag of cherries that I need to pit and I've been putting it off until I can buy a cherry pitter. I haven't found one under $15 and I refuse to pay that much! Maybe I'll just borrow one from a friend.

Another challenge is all the turkey/chicken broth/stock I've got frozen. At least one meal this week will be turkey soup!

I also have 20 pounds of chicken, a ham bone, and a bunch of freezer meals coming in tomorrow night or unknown shape & size.

I made good progress last night when we had company for dinner and I used up some skewers, a small pork loin, and some random sausages that were in the freezer.

I also used up 7# sausage, 4 containers of tomatoes, and 3# ground chicken earlier in the week for the chili I made for the meal swap.


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