Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Menu Plan - Freezer Focus

What is going on? How am I posting 4 days in a row? I don't know either, but I love it!

I'm making a freezer-focused menu plan this week so I can consolidate my freezers and unplug my garage freezer to save energy during the sumnmer. I don't usually need to plug it in again until August/September when I start freezing fruit.

7 Lunches:

Hot Dogs (bbq leftovers)
Chicken Nuggets (from freezer and easy to pack for lunch at church)
Macaroni & Cheese
Pizza (from freezer and too big to even fit in the inside freezer)
Ravioli & Red Sauce (Ravioli from freezer)
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Peanut Butter & Honey Sandwiches

7 Dinners:

Turkey Soup (turkey broth & turkey from freezer)
Biscuits & Turkey Gravy (turkey from freezer)
Dinner out
Stew (veggies to use up)
Chicken in Sour Cream sauce (uses chicken and turkey broth from freezer)
freezer meal (whatever is an odd shape and won't pack well into freezer)
Popcorn & Smoothies (family move night)

This weekend I'm hoping to put the garden in, but I'm also hoping to make my first pass at combining what's in my freezers.  Next week's plan will likely be using up what wouldn't fit in the inside freezer but we'll see!  It depends on just how much there is.


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