Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Resourceful Tip - Lamp Shade Upgrade

I actually wrote and posted this yesterday, but then it completely disappeared. Gah! Here we go again. When I posted about the recycling event and getting rid of Grandma's old halogen lamp I was reminded of this other lamp in my house. I've had it since college and it was a $15 Target purchase. It's just a cheap, assemble yourself lamp and the cone is even plastic. I haven't liked this lamp for a long time because a tall, wobbly lamp isn't ideal in a home with little kids (and it's just ugly), but it still works so I still use it.

Awhile back I was thrift shopping or garage saling with my mom and aunt. One of them picked up a lamp shade for a few bucks. When we got home, the lamp shade was promptly put atop my lamp and it was completely transformed. I had no idea the intended purpose of the lampshade when it was purchased, but these ladies are always quietly making improvements to my decorating - I think they are quiet about it because they don't want to tell me how lacking my skills are and they don't want me to protest too loudly that I don't need this, that, or the other thing as I tend to do. Anyway, the lamp turned out great! A huge improvement for a couple of bucks.



  1. love it! and someday lets go garage saling together. one of my favorite things!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration! I got the cutest lampshade from my sister in law when she moved but I didn't think I had a use for it. We too have a torch lamp that's 15 years old we are using because it works but I hated looking at it. Now it looks GREAT! YAY!

  3. @ Carly - I would love to go garage saling! One of my favorite things, too.
    @ Meredith - Yahoo! I love, love when I hear of someone getting a useful idea from this blog. Thanks for telling me!


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