Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ham Week - Boil the Bone

After I trim most of the meat off the bone, I cook what's left to get a nice stock for soup. This is what it looks like with the bone, all the drippings, and water added to cover most of the bone. I generally allow this to simmer overnight and in the morning this is what the pot looks like:
Many people like to make a ham-bone soup with their ham bone where you basically just add water and all your veggies & other ingredients to the pot and let the meat cook & fall off the bone. Here are some ham-bone soup recipes from Ham bone & 15 bean mix Ham bone & pasta & rice Ham bone & potatoes & garbanzo beans Ham bone & navy beans Ham-bone soup can be really tasty, but I prefer to make the soup separately, the next day, so I can get most of the fat out of the stock. You can read in tomorrow's post about that.

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