Friday, April 8, 2011

Resourceful Gifting - Wedding Gift Baskets

DH went to a wedding last weekend on short notice. We didn't know where the couple was registered and even if we did, funds are so super limited this month I would have had to by a kitchen utensil or something! Instead I made up a gift basket of cleaning supplies. This is a young couple just starting out together. They didn't have their own households for long so I'm hoping these items will be useful. I sure would have appreciated this gift when DH and I were first married so that helps me feel OK about not being able to buy off the registry. We also have given something similar before and that couple has expressed their thanks several times for such a practical gift. I went through my stockpile of cleaning supplies and found the items on the left. I stopped by the dollar store for the items on the right: bucket, gloves, comet, and dishsoap.
Next, I arranged all of the items in the bucket. I had intended to include a roll of paper towels, too, but it wouldn't fit. Rats!

Finally, I wrapped the bucket with cellopane and tied it with a piece of pink gauzy fabric that matched the bucket. I also used some silver star wire to make it a bit fancier. You can see DD#3 there in the picture. She liked the noise the cellophane made.

Other ideas (if you have a bigger bucket) include windex, paper towels, sponges, plug-in air freshener, scrubbing bubbles . . .

If I put together a gift basket for a wedding I also like to theme the items. Here are some more ideas:

Baking - Registry baking pans & utensils, baking powder, soda, vanilla, cinnamon, a couple of recipes
BBQ - Registry BBQ tools, bottles of marinade, spice rubs, apron, a couple of recipes
Bathroom - Registry bathroom accesories arranged in registry wastebasket, handsoap refill
New Home - welcome mat, air fresheners, extension cord, light bulbs, plunger (for good friends!), small box of nails, thumbtacks, magnets, drawer organizer/small baskets

If I have the funds to shop from a registry I like to see what is listed that would serve as a basket. For example, the bathroom wastebasket, a deep pot or bowl, or if I'm really lucky, an actual decor basket! Then I find two or three other registry items (if there's enough budget left) that can go into the 'basket' and supplement with a few other things of my own choosing.

Any other good ideas for wedding gift baskets?


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