Monday, April 4, 2011

Mom's Menu Plan

Oh - I need to use things up and make room in the inside freezer! I really, really want to unplug the garage freezer for the summer and I must use stuff up!

Dinners: Sunday - Turkey (didn't make it last week, as planned)
Monday - Sunday - Pork Loin (freezer meal that is oddly shaped)
Tuesday - Teriyaki Chicken (marinating in freezer)
Wednesday - Taco Soup & cornbread (frozen cornbread, chicken, tomatoes, & black beans)
Thursday - Dinner at a friend's house
Friday - Dad dinner Chips & Dip (dip in freezer)
Saturday - Sausage Soup (frozen chicken stock, sausage, tomatoes)

Sunday - pizza (freezer)
Monday - quesadilla (frozen chicken)
Tuesday - Nachos
Wednesday - pb&j
Thursday - mac'n'cheese pie (from freezer)
Friday - leftovers
Saturday - lunch out of town (take a freezer meal to share)


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