Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pie-Crust Bag

Have you ever heard of a pie-crust bag? I hadn't until recently and it sounds like a wonderful invention! Basically you make your pie crust, then put the dough ball into this flat, round bag and roll out your crust. You end up with a perfectly even circle of dough. The bag unzips almost completely, too, so you can flip your crust from the bag right into the pie plate. A comparison between parchment paper, plastic wrap, and this type of bag can be found here. The pie-crust bag comes out the winner. This version is 14" so it would work well for pizza dough, too. I love baking and I love kitchen gadgets. I think this is going to be on my "to buy eventually" list. At only $7 this item's eventual purchase might be sooner rather than later, too. Katie

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