Sunday, April 3, 2011

Friday Project - Girls' Room

My wonderful mom and marvelous Aunt Renee came to visit last month with plans to help me out around the house and get me all caught up. It is always such a blessing to have either or both of them here! This trip we tackled the very large project of setting up DD#1's new bed so that her old bed could be given to DD#3 and we could finally move DD#4 into the crib. In the process we also got shelves and artwork hung that I just haven't found time myself to manage. The big girls also both got new comforters. Here is Eve's new bed and shelf:
Here is Naomi's new shelf:

Here are the ballet plates that used to hang in my room as a little girl and now are finally in my own girls' room:

And the piece de resistance - This amazing curtain Mom and Renee made after they left, thinking how fun it would be for the girls. I finally got it hung up on Friday and those little ladies are delighted. You can see Eve peeking out the left window.

The curtain is made from a white sheet. The window frames are yellow ribbon and the panes are vinyl. The flower boxes, stems, and grass are painted on and the flowers themselves are layered felt and attached with Velcro so I can pull them off for easy washing. Yay for a big project tackled, finished, and bonuses thrown in! Katie

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