Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ham Week - Baking a Ham

With Easter coming up next week I thought I'd do a little salute to ham and all the yummy ways you can use up leftovers. First is to bake the ham itself. This photo shows a ham that I overcooked but it was still yummy and I was able to use it for several more meals.

I basically put this half ham in a deep pan, covered it in foil, and baked it about three hours. Nothing special. I have had some marvelous ham over the years prepared by my excellent mom, aunt, and grandma but of course, don't know how they made it. So I looked up some other ways to dress a ham: With cloves & brown sugar With pineapple, cloves, brown sugar, honey, & maple syrup With brown sugar, mustard, & peach preserves (you could also use apricot preserves) With a Coke I love allrecipes.com and these are all from that site.



  1. I've never tried baking my own ham, but my favorite part of eating a ham is making soup with the bone afterwards. I'm sure being as resourceful as you are, you already do this, but just in case, this is an AMAZING bean soup recipe that makes enough to feed about 20 people...seriously! http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/The-Best-Bean-and-Ham-Soup/Detail.aspx

  2. Thanks Brooke! I'm posting about both non-bone soup and with-bone soup later in the week, and a link to this recipe is included! Yum!


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