Saturday, April 17, 2010

Updated Menu Plan

I am updating my menu to plan for the rest of the month for several reasons:
  • After this weekend's shopping I will be near my planned $100 for the month so I want to see what I've got on hand for the next two weeks.
  • We are all leaving town for the first full week of May, so I want to be sure we use up any food that could spoil and nothing goes to waste
  • I have barely stuck to the menu plan this week because of mass quanitities of leftovers.
  • Finally, I really want to defrost my freezer before we leave town so I want to use everything I can in the next two weeks.

Here is the tentative plan for dinners:
Saturday - Dinner out (reimbursed)
Sunday - Tacos (taco shells from pantry, need to use sc & salsa, beef from freezer)
Monday - ham/white bean soup (ham, stock from freezer - beans from pantry)
Tuesday - Orange Chicken & rice (from freezer)
Wednesday - Italian sausage soup (beans & stock from freezer)
Thursday - Cheesy chicken rotini (pasta, cream soup from pantry - broccoli from freezer)
Friday - leftovers
Saturday - pot roast/salad/rolls (meat from freezer)- Company
Sunday - pulled pork/leftovers
Monday - Pork chops & potatoes (meat from freezer)
Tuesday - Chicken enchilada (from freezer)
Wednesday - Birdseye microwave dinner for 2 (from freezer) and/or leftovers
Thursday - Cheesy chicken & rice casserole (from freezer)
Friday - Leftovers

Lunches will be flexible and using leftovers:
2 macaroni & cheese pies from freezer
french toast/waffles/pancakes
sandwiches: grilled cheese/pbj/egg salad/chicken salad/tuna

*I'm out of tortillas, chips, & chicken nuggets so my lunches will be creative - we usually have nuggets, nachos, & quesadillas at least once a week.

I have another freezer meal swap at the end of this month - I am making beefy enchilada casserole because I have almost everything I need already. Corn tortillas, beef, & corn in the freezer, Jack cheese in the fridge, and green enchilada sauce in the pantry. The only thing I have to buy is canned tomato w/green chilies since I finally ran out of my tomatoes from last summer's garden. I have some salsa in the fridge somone gave me this week & I plan to combine it with the canned tomatoes so I won't have to buy as much.

I'll post about weekend shopping tomorrow.


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