Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sad Little Garden Seeds

Ack! Some of my little garden plants have started to get mold on them! I guess in my zeal to keep them hydrated I over-watered. Drat!

The zucchini and pumpkin survived just fine and I only lost a couple of the dozen broccoli so I'm still good there. However the cucumber and yellow squash only have a couple good starts left. I'll keep that in mind when I plant the garden and consider how the water flows.

We are planning to put the garden in the ground this weekend. Tomorrow we want to till up the dirt and mix in some good compost and/or fertilizer. Then on Saturday we'll put the plants in. I still have to buy some tomato plants (and maybe cucumber *sniff*) so hopefully it'll all go according to plan.

I also need to read my seed packaging to figure out where I want to plant everthing. Some need a mound of dirt, some need rows, some need more water than others . . . I really miss Ruth today - she knew everything about where to put plants, but I guess I'll muddle through on my own. =^)


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