Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Seventh Generation Rebate

Sheesh, I've been talking about Seventh Generation so much I should get some sort of deal from them! Here's another good one:

I saw a Mail-in rebate for $5 with the purchase of 3 seventh generation prodcuts. You can find it here. I thought it might make a pretty sweet deal with all the Seventh Generation coupons we printed in the last couple of weeks. If you didn't print them you can print the 2nd quarter set on the Seventh Generation website.

I also saw this cool deal if you're a first time customer at It was on the Thrifty Mama site.

Buy 5 packages of Seventh Generation diapers at $10.49 each
Use code Diapers105 or TryUs10 at checkout
Apply for the $14.97 rebate here. Look at the bottom for the cash rebate and not the magazine offer.
Submit for $5 mail-in rebate.

5 packages at $10.49 each = $52.45 - orders over $49 get free shipping
$10.00 off with code = $42.45
$14.97 rebate = $27.48
$5.00 additional rebate = $22.48 for 5 packages of diapers or $4.50 per package!



  1. How many diapers are in a package?
    I think diapers are one of the (few) things that are actually cheaper here on the island...

  2. The number of diapers vary depending on the size.

    Size 1 = 44 diapers
    Size 2 = 40 diapers
    Size 3 = 35 diapers
    Size 4 = 30 diapers
    Size 5 = 26 diapers
    Size 6 = 22 diapers

    Sarah, I bet the free shipping doesn't extend to the UK. Lame.

  3. Wow - diapers really are more expensive in the States!

    For size 3 at Costco here I can get diapers for 9p at regular price - even less when they have a coupon deal. In the grocery store diapers hover around 15 - 20p per at regular price - much less with coupons or sales.

    Baby formula is also less expensive - but I think that is due to strict gov't price control. I pay £9 per can.

    (for comparison's sake think £1=$1 when you're getting paid £)


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