Monday, April 5, 2010

Apple Cider Pot Roast

A few weeks back I had pot roast on the menu. I had found a great price on the meat and I had some old carrots and potatoes I needed to use up. When I pulled out my cook book to check on spices & cooking time I found this other recipe for Apple Cider Pot Roast. I happened to have a bottle of Trader Joe's Apple Cider from our Thanksgiving basket and plenty of apples on hand, so I gave it a try. It was delicious!

In a crockpot place:
2 medium potatoes peeled & quartered
2 large carrots cut into 2" pieces
1 medium onion cut into wedges

Brown 1 1/2 - 2 pound pork roast on all sides in a pot with 2 T. oil, then place roast on top of the vegetables in the crockpot.

Stir together:
1 1/4 c. apple cider or apple juice
2 t. beef bouillon granules
1/4 t. dry mustard
1/4 t. pepper

Pour over the meat & veggies. Cover & cook on low for 9 hours, then turn up to high and add 2 medium cooking apples, cored & sliced. Cook another 30 minutes until apples are tender, then serve.

I always make gravy from the drippings, too.


I wish I'd taken a picture!

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