Thursday, April 1, 2010

Prescription Coupons

DH & I are blessed with great prescription drug insurance. We don't have a co-pay or deductible so we benefit greatly from prescription coupon/gift card offers.

Usually I run across coupons for a free gift card with the transfer of a prescription. This makes sense because pharmacies want you to move your prescription and then try to retain your business. Rite Aid has these at least once a month in their insert, sometimes they'll have a blitz of weeks and weeks in succession.

Harder to come by are the gift card offers for a new prescription. Target usually has one of these about once a month, but they are only for $10.

I use the Target coupons the most often because we don't have many recurring prescriptions that would warrant a transfer for a refill. Usually it's some antibiotic for one of the kids and I just count myself lucky if it happens to be a week when Target runs their coupon.

I was please to notice the QFC ad has coupons this week for new or transferred prescriptions. The pharmacy there will credit your QFC card with $20 each for up to 2 prescriptions. We've done this before and it's like a gift card right on your shopper card. I think the store does this so you can't give the gift card away; they want you to come back into the store to shop.

I also found a $30 coupon with prescription transfer at the Safeway pharmacy in the Safeway ad this week. I love when these coupons are for grocery stores!

I was kicking myself when I saw these coupons because on Tuesday (the day before the coupons were valid) I went and filled two prescriptions at the Top pharmacy. I had heard that Top pharmacy gave away prenatal vitamins with a filled prescription (and they had a sign up advertising it), but as it turns out they need a prescription from your doctor which would have been free for me anyway. Ack! Yes, seriously kicking myself. On a positive note, Top pharmacy was giving away free Mr. Yuck stickers so I was happy to get my hands on those so I can label some scary stuff for the kids.

So here's my new plan for these coupons: I am pregnant with #4 and usually the OB prescribes super-strenth iron for me. Our insurance lets us fill a prescription & refill twice before having to use their mail order service. I will ask the OB today at my appointment for the prescription and get it filled at QFC for the $20 store credit (coupon good through 4/30). Then I'll get it refilled later this month at Safeway for a $30 gift card (coupon good through 4/27). I will be able to transfer once more so I'll probably go with Rite-Aid which is usually good for a $20 gift card, at least, or another offer if I find a better one by the time I need that refill. Let's hope my OB gives me the rx today or my plan will be foiled.


Speaking of prescriptions...


  1. Hi Katie,
    Can't your OB write you a prescription for prenatal vitamins? Then they would be free right? I remember when I was pregnant with Gwen they wrote me a prescription for them, but my copay was $20 per month, so I just went with the costco ones instead.
    Sorry about the Top Food mix up!

  2. Another friend ended up giving me a jar of prenatal vitamins that should last until the end of the pregnancy so I won't need to get a prescription for them from the OB. Also, the "free" vitamins from TOP don't have the DHA supplement.

    Kracinda - I think TOP doesn't charge the copay for prenatals. Also, no worries about the mix up. It would have solved the problem so I was willing to try!

    Also, big bummer: OB didn't prescribe the iron, apparently when they did my blood test, my iron levels were good, probably because I was already taken an OTC iron supplement because I'm so darn tired. Ack!


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