Friday, April 2, 2010

Garden Sprouts!

Rats! I just wrote this whole post and it disappeared when I was trying to publish it. I have a huge list of things to do as I'm trying to leave town so writing it twice is a bother. See how much I love you, Dear Readers? I'm writing again.

The big news is that the seeds are alreay sprouting! The broccoli poked out only four days after planting and is going crazy already. Here's a picture - the broccoi are all on the right side.

I'm driving 7 hours today to my mom's for a week and I've decided to bring the seeds along with me. DH is many wonderful things - and a little forgetful. So I decided to keep the little babies with me so I didn't stress out and potentially get mad at DH if he forgot to water. I'll just keep them hydrated on my own and we'll all be happier. Let's hope they survive two long rides in the trunk!


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