Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Shopping

This weekend I just needed a break from the kids and the house so I had some leisurely shopping and hit several stores. I ended up finding some awesome deals - mostly in the markdown bins. You can probably see the brightly colored stickers on many of the items.

Here's what I bought:

5 bags of lettuce for $.99 each
lunchmeat chicken markdown 2 at $.99
lunchmeat ham markdown $.99
boneless pork roast markdown to $1.15/pound
10 yogurt cups for $.30/each
cottage cheese markdown $.99
deli steak chimichanga markdown $.99
pillsbury pie crust markdown $.99
pint organic 1/2 & 1/2 markdown $.99
4 pounds bananas

I went to Fred Meyer to pick up sugar. A 5# bag was on sale for $2.50 which isn't even a good sale, but I was completely out and since I was killing time I stopped there for it. I ended up finding some awesome deals.

10# bag of sugar markdown to $2.69 (deal!)
12 pack of kids yogurt drinks markdown to $2.59 (1.00) = %1.59
2 - 4 packs of Activia yogurt markdown to $1.29 (1.00) = $.29
ham lunchmeat markdown to $.79 ($.35) = $.44
Sourdough loaf markdown to $.79
Vitabee bread markdown to $.79
Darigold natural sour cream markdown to $.99 ($.40) = $.59
Fred Meyer toilet paper 12 double rolls markdown to $2.49.

In total I spent $10.20 at Fred Meyer for all this stuff.

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