Friday, March 12, 2010

Free Marie's Dressing at Safeway

Yesterday I mentioned the Buy 5/Save $5 deal Safeway is having this week. Today I saw two links for $1 off Marie's salad dressing which is one of the products in the deal.

Here's how the deal works...

Buy 5 of the following items at $1.99 each:
Eating Right salad mix
Eating Right cut vegetables
Fresh Express salad mix
Marie's salad dressing
packaged sliced mushrooms

Then $5 will come off your total, making each item $.99. I am planning to do this deal for the salad, but a $1 off coupon here or here could also net free Marie's dressing. I may end up with 4 bags of salad and a bottle of dressing for $4.

One link is for yogurt dressing which may or may not be part of the deal. The other link is to the Marie's site which will send a coupon directly to your email inbox. Thanks to Money Saving Mom for the links!


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