Friday, March 19, 2010

Diaper Cake

Well, I didn't get to the gardening today, but I still hope to manage something before the weekend is out. Instead, here is a fun post about diaper cakes.

Last week I mentioned the DH accidentally opened a package of diapers I had intended as a gift. I receved a great suggestion to make a diaper cake out of those diapers. I hadn't seen one of these "live" only a photo, so I set about learning more.

Click here for a great tutorial video on YouTube. This is for the "candlestick" style of cake.

Here are written intructions from using more common supplies in case you don't have tiny rubber bands or really big rubber bands lying around.

I watched another bunch of videos and saw lots of variations:
- The biggest difference is a fan style cake where you layer/fan the flat diapers in a circular shape, then secure with the rubber band.
- You can use receiving blankets or that crinky paper you buy in a twisted rope to make an outer border to the layers if you want to cover up the diapers.
- I saw a bottle of sparkling cider as the center base.
- Many people did one layer with a large gift on top or instead of the simply decorated cake in the video added lots of small gifts as cake garnish.

Thanks for the great idea Sarah!


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  1. Fun! I saw a business card on the bulletin board at the coffeeshop, advertising a women whose business was making diaper cakes! Very specialty, eh?


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