Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vita Bee Bread

I am not able to eat all-organic, nor do I make it a priority to find out the very healthiest options for my family. I do, however, attempt to put together reasonably balanced meals, give the kids lot of dairy, fruit & veggies, and watch all of our sugar intake.

One of my favorite products in Vita Bee bread made by Fred Meyer. It is the only reasonably priced, whole wheat bread I can find that isn't loaded with sugar. It doesn't have sugar or corn syrup in it; it's sweetened with honey which works for me. I can get it regularly for $1.66 because FM puts it on sale at that price often, but once every three months or so it's on sale for $1.25 and if I'm really lucky I can catch it in the markdown day for $.79.

I've been buying this stuff for several years, but I finally read a story on the package. Apparently FG Meyer (the founder of FM) was dissatisfied with the bread available so set about creating this one. Above all he wanted to be able to make excellent toast so if you love toast this is another good reason to try it out!



  1. On sale now at FM 4/$5 3-28-10_to_4-3-10

  2. It is one of the healthy breads! At a great price! We love it, and it tastes good! Have been buying it for years!

  3. 2022 and I've been enjoying Vita-Bee all week. Flavor is great, size is great. I usually wait for the "Woohoo" price at Fred Meyer, like $1.75. Ditch the bland, airy ones for this hearty, moderately dense one.


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