Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Menu Plan

I haven't figured out how to blog and keep my house clean. With the sun shining and the dirt showing, the blog isn't getting much attention.

I did manage my menu plan yesterday though while I flipped through the grocery ads.

Wed - Pasta with meatballs - Freezer Meal
Thurs - Fettucini Carbonara w/asparagus - OLD organic fettucini from back of freezer.
Fri - Macaroni & Cheese Pie w/salad
Sat - Applebee's - A free treat
Sun - Macaronada w/salad - big thanks to Jen T. who picked up feta at Costco for me
Mon - Beef & Broccoli - need to use a can of vegetable broth and old frozen broccoli
Tue - Lentil Stew - Freezer Meal

lunch out with cousin
chicken nuggets
pb & j
leftover Mac & Cheese Pie
tuna melts

This week I'm going to Top & Safeway for groceries.

Top is having a great Tillamook sale & I'm out of cheddar, butter, and yogurt. Several varieties of Tillamook are on sale and the deal is if you spend $10, $3 will be taken off your bill. So I can buy two 2 pound bricks of Tillamook for $5 each, and then $3 is taken off making them only $3.50 each! I can also buy two pounds of butter at $2.50 each and 10 yogurt cups at $.50 each for a total of $10, then $3 will be taken off the bill making the butter only $1.77/lb and the yogurt only $.33 per cup.

Safeway has a buy 5/save $5 deal this week for salad-ish stuff. Eating Right bagged salad & veggies, Fresh Express salad, Marie's dressing, POM tea, and packaged sliced mushrooms are priced at $1.99. If you buy 5, $5 will be taken off the bill. I'm happy to pay $.99 for a bag of salad so I'll go pick up 5 bags and maybe an avocado since they're only $.50 this week.

Have a great week! I'll try to better at posting this week than I was last week!


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