Monday, March 1, 2010

Albertson's Double Coupons

There were 3 double coupons included with the Albertson's insert in yesterday's paper. This time they are good for a week, so you have until Saturday 3/6/10 to use them.

I will admit that I am slightly obsessed with double coupons. In other parts of the country double (and even triple!) coupons are a pretty regular occurence and it steams me that we can't get the same deals here in the Northwest. Anyway, my 9 month old got her hands on the Albertson's insert this morning, and of course, the insert found it's quick way into her mouth. I was frantic to see if the coupons had been mangled by slobber and/or teeth, but was relieved to find only one damaged. Luckily the torn bit is not on the UPC so it should still work. Phew!


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