Thursday, March 18, 2010

PCC Organic Milk

As I reported yesterday, I am out of grocery money so we are using the gift card a friend gave us to buy the basics. DH ran out for milk the other night and we were delighted to find that PCC has a great price on organic milk! He came home with two gallons totaling $8.78. He doesn't remember exactly, but DH thinks one gallon was $4.19 and the other $4.59. We got 2% and nonfat. This is the cheapest regular price on organic milk I've seen in this area.

Also, because of the budget I opted not to go to Albertson's to use the double coupons that came in the Sunday paper. Did you notice some more are in the weekly ad? There are three in the ad that should have arrived in your mailbox on Tuesday or Wednesday. These three are good until Saturday & I may try to use these on non-grocery items or if I can get groceries for free.

p.s. tomorrow will be my first post on gardening for this year!

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