Friday, September 11, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 36 - $206.52

We've been out of town so I am late posting for week 36, but I sure did shop while I was gone!  These are mostly bargains from while I was at my Mother-in-Law's house.

First was a quick trip to Von's, the only store I know how to get to near her house.  I picked up tortilla chips, organic milk, a head of lettuce, and a half price deli pizza for $13.91.

The next day DH was amazing and went to the store FOR me as the sales were ending that day.  He got my whole list and some soda for himself for $29.92.  He even used all my coupons!

The new Von's ad came out and I made a big list to combine the sale with coupons and buy some dinner items.  It was a huge amount of stuff (inlcuding junk food I don't normally buy) for $77.40.  I was so excited to see new packaging on the Cheerios that said GF!  And later in the week I saw TV commercials advertising that Cheerios were now GF!  Whoo hoo.  I also picked up GF Macaroni & Cheese with a $1.00/2 peelie so each box was only $2.69.  I got 7 bottles of salad dressing for varying prices, all under $1.00.  I got another gallon of milk, some cookies and hostess cakes (ugh!), applesauce, chicken breast, drumsticks for $.50/lb, crackers, sour cream & bacon (for potato soup), lettuce, bell peppers & tortillas for fajitas, hot dogs, cantaloupe, brownie mix, GF minute rice (FREE after coupon), Capri-Sun, a 2# brick of cheese & sliced cheeses (a big treat that I accidentally left at my MIL's).

At the end of the week we left my MIL's to join my family at a timeshare near Disneyland.  I had tried to plan ahead for a big dinner I was making for the whole group, lunches for at Disneyland, and breakfasts at the timeshare, too.  Unfortunately there was a lack of communication with DH about the time I would need to prepare the dinner and the heat was terrible at my MIL's so I felt bad about heating up her kitchen with a lot of cooking.  Long story short I ended up buying pizzas at Costco to feed the big group (13 adults, 10 kids, 2 babies).  I also bought GF taquitos as a dinner alternative, a watermelon, a big package of lettuce, cucumbers, organic milk, and some chicken nuggets at Costco.  I spent $85.29 there.  Yeesh!

It was a big week.

Week 36 total: $206.52
Year-to-date 2015 total: $3,959.60
Weekly Average: $109.99

Week 37 should be smaller as I barely shopped again while we were still out of town.  But week 38 will be big with a lot of planned produce purchases for canning.

Love, Katie

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