Sunday, September 13, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 37 - $5.43

Phew!  We're finally home from a 15 day vacation!  We did great our second week on NOT buying a lot of groceries because I was prepared from the week before and even had brought a lot from home for packing travel lunches.

I picked up eggs and bananas at Target one day.  We had gone to Target for a couple birthday items since DD#4 was having a birthday this week.  I had some bacon so thought the eggs would make a more 'special' breakfast than the cereal they'd been having for the whole road trip.  And we needed just a little fruit to tide us over for the rest of the trip (we had cantaloupe and watermelon from last week, too).   This was $5.43!  The eggs were a ridiculous $3.69 and bananas were $0.29 each.

On the long drive home we stopped at my aunt & uncle's house to sleep over.  They were out of town, but graciously offered their home.  I was going to water her plants and noticed her garden was overflowing with veggies so I picked lots for her and filled her fridge.  She said to help myself so I brought home all this: one huge zucchini, two huge butternut squash, an acorn squash, three cucumbers that are overripe, and any of the tomatoes that had splits or wouldn't last in her fridge for the two more weeks my aunt is gone.

Surprisingly, I didn't do any other shopping this week.  Next week will be a huge one - I have 44 pounds of pears and 75 pounds of apples to pick up, not to mention the usual milk, bananas, & veggies that need to be replenished after our long trip using everything up!

Total Week 37: $5.43
Total Year-to-Date 2015: $3,965,03
Weekly Average: $107.16

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