Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cleaning the Refrigerator

Years ago I had a cleaning schedule with tasks assigned by frequency.  There were daily, weekly, every-other-weekly, monthly, et c. tasks.  It was so nice and organized!  But as the kids increased the ability to keep up with that schedule diminished and my poor house has suffered!

Our fridge has been one of the casualties.  I used to clean it every couple of months but now I just manage to clean it when we have been out of town and come home to a nearly empty fridge.  It takes so much less time to clean when it's already mostly emptied of food.

This round I even cleaned over a course of several days.  I did one shelf the first night home, the next shelf and a drawer the next day, then another drawer, then the last shelf etc.  It was slow, but it was effective.  Hooray!

This nasty pool of something had been sitting in the bottom of the fridge for months and I was so happy to finally not have to look at it every time I got something out of the bottom drawer.  Eww.

Now the shelves and drawers are all clean in the fridge, but I didn't make it to the freezer.  I still call this one a victory since it had been waiting so long.


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