Monday, September 28, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 39 - $151.55

Not too bad this week.

I went to QFC for a couple things and ended up spending $16.11.  No photo this time, but it was creamer, candy, bananas, cucumbers, Doritos, 10# bag of potatoes, & a dozen clearance donuts.

I went to Fred Meyer mid-week looking at area rugs.  I ended up picking up a sweet potato and 2 cans I found in the clearance bin - kidney beans and green chilies.  I spent $2.70.

Fred Meyer again for lots of creamer, replenishing the milk and picking up some other stuff I found reasonable prices on.  I spent $70.80.

One MORE run to Costco for stuff I wanted to our Bible study.  I bought chips, cheese, string cheese, organic sugar, organic GF flour, and organic olive oil.  I spent $61.94.

Total Spending Week 39: $151.55
Total 2015 year-to-date: $4,446.63
Weekly Average: $114.02


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