Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday Menu Plan - Gluten Free

It's a busy week.  We're starting school full speed and I'm trying to keep the meals simple until we settle into the new routine.  DD#1 is the kitchen cooking helper this week so she helped plan the menu, too.

Monday - Enchilada Casserole (have all ingredients)
Tuesday - Chicken Teriyaki/Rice
Wednesday - Mexican Dip (have all ingredients & can add tomatoes)
Thursday - Pork Chops & Zucchini Crisps (uses some zucchini)
Friday - Butternut Squash Soup (uses some squash)
Saturday - Leftovers (canning applesauce all day - need an easy dinner)
Sunday - Popcorn & Smoothies

Monday - Chicken, Cucumbers, Cookies (packed lunch)
Tuesday - Pancakes
Wednesday - Pizza (need to buy mozzarella, bread flour but have GF dough in freezer )
Thursday - Leftover Mexican Dip (packed lunch)
Friday - Finger Food Lunch
Saturday - Gluten Free Mac'n'Cheese Pie (in freezer)
Sunday - Taco Salad (crockpot)

I didn't want to have too much shopping this week - again, with school - and I have a lot of canning to do over the weekend.

Thankful I have an older, helpful kiddo on cooking duty this week.  =)


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