Sunday, September 20, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 38 - $330.05

Yikes!  I spent a huge amount this week!

Monday afternoon my friend brought over the no spray Packham Triumph pears she'd pick up for me while I was out of town.  It was $60 for 50#.

Monday night I went to Fred Meyer for some essentials.  I ended up finding some clearance honeycrisp apples and fresh mozzarella - yay!  Otherwise, just normal stuff at my normal prices.  I spent $34.16.

Tuesday afternoon I stopped by a girlfriend's house to pick some of her Concord grapes.  They were abundant and smelled amazing!  I brought home over 20 pounds.

Thursday I picked up 20 boxes of organically grown apples for myself and 7 friends.  My own portion was 88 pounds of gala for $66.00.

Thursday afternoon I took the girls to Costco for more e basics.  Tortilla chips, organic mac'n'cheese, eggs, organic brown rice, GF pizza, a regular pizza (for dinner), tortillas, string cheese, feta cheese, mozzarella cheese were all on the list.  There was a discipline issue so we had to leave before I picked up carrots, cucumbers, and fruit.  I spent $93.96.

Saturday afternoon I made it to County Market in time to use my $10/$50 coupon.  My total was $50.12 before my coupon making everything just about exactly 20% off.  Organic milk was $4.80/gallon, Yogurt worked out to $0.32/cup. 1# lunchmeat was $1.60, pork loin was $1.59/lb, pudding was $0.80, 5# onions were $2.39.  Everything totalled $40.12.

Finally I spent $35.81 last night at Fred Meyer.  I had wanted to get back all week for some sale stuff and then I couldn't lay hands on my grocery ad!  I got creamer, cheese, the carrots I missed at Costco, some GF ice cream cones, and a clearance deli chicken (for butternut squash soup).  DH was with me and because cereal was on sale he picked out a couple treats for himself for just $1.00 each.

Total Week 38: $330.05
Year-to-Date Total: $4,295.08
Weekly Average: $113.03

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