Sunday, August 30, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 35 - $150.36

This week was bigger than I thought it would be, but sometimes you have to stock up when there's a stock up price.

I stayed away from the grocery stores most of the week, but on Thursday I was in Issaquah and didn't want to miss out on Champion Foods.  So I went in with all 4 girls and got all sorts of deals!  Chips are only $0.50/bag and I was happy they had some flavors that sounded good.  We got a dozen bags, plus 3 bags of popcorn.  We have a road trip coming up and portable snacks are a must.  I got some lunch snacks of the GF and not GF varieties.  I found a $3.00 GF brownie mix - score! - pectin for $1.75/box, organic ketchup for $2.20, and GF granola for $3.00.  I always look for spices at Champion first because their prices are so great.  I'm low on cumin & nutmeg so I picked those up, but they didn't have basil this time and I've needed that for about a month!  Not pictured were two packs of GF spaghetti noodles for just $1.75 each and 6 cans of pasta sauce for $0.75/each.  I also was happy to find a 25# bag or organic popcorn.  It was $31.25.  We love popcorn and it's really an affordable snack.  My kids always ask me to make it when their friends are over, too. - I guess it's kind of a novelty.  I spent a whopping $83.15 at Champion Foods this visit.

I was back at Fred Meyer on Thursday night so get more Chex at the $1.99 price I had spotted late last week.  I lamented my lack of coupons, but knew I couldn't pass up $1.99 for full-size boxes of GF cereal.  I can find GF cereal on sale a lot, but it's usually cocoa krispies or something and I prefer not to give the kids candy-ish cereal to start the day.  Plain Rice Chex and Corn Chex are my preference.  Anyway, I also picked up salami, provolone, and mozzarella for antipasto platter I was making, bananas, a half gallon of conventional milk (we just needed a little and it was $1.00), and cottage cheese for $0.60 after coupon.  Cream cheese was $0.80 each after coupon.  I found some diced green chilis for $0.50 in the clearance bin along with more GF spaghetti noodles for $1.09 per package!  I predict lots of spaghetti and macaronada in the next month's menu planning.  =)  I spent $27.21.
I also bought 40# of organic apples for $40.00.  I plan to make applesauce soon.
Week 35 Total: $150.36
2015 Year-to-Date: $3,753.08
Weekly Average: $107.23

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