Sunday, August 2, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 31 - $84.04

I went back to Fred Meyer early this week to pay for the pricing mistake on the box of peaches.  The customer service gal was really gracious and said that since the error was on their part, store policy was not to charge us.  I was surprised and thankful.  I was in a hurry to get home that morning so I didn't do a shopping trip, but I found some udi's pizza crust for just $2.99 so I picked it up.

Later in the week I went to Fred Meyer again for a bigger trip.  I spent $39.65 on 2 huge boxes of Kix, 6 boxes of crackers, 5 boxes of organic mac'n'cheese, 12 clearance bell peppers, 2 bags of  grapes, 2 loaves of bread, a pound of red beans, 2 cans of beans, 1 can of soup, 3 boxes of granola bars & a hand of bananas.  Interestingly, I went to the customer service counter to pay for a box of mac'n'cheese that didn't get scanned.  That guy had no problem charging me the extra buck even though it wasn't my error.  Oh well.  =)

Saturday I dashed out for really fast shopping.  I spent $24.78 at QFC on organic milk, a bag of lemons, cereal, and shredded cheese.  Then at Fred Meyer I spent $16.62 on 2 loaves of bread, organic eggs, clearance cookie dough for a special recipe DD#3's been wanting to try, 2 bags of grapes, and clearance produce including 9 organic apples for $3.00, an organic canteloupe for $1.00!

Week 31 Total: $84.04
Year-to-date Total: $3,279.83
Weekly Average: $105.80

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