Monday, August 17, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 32 - $179.29

It was a busy week getting ready for camping.  And I spent a lot on groceries because of clearance deals, peaches in bulk, and preparing for camping.

First stop of QFC on Monday.  This was a stop for cheese since QFC had it on special.  I ended up with clarance coffee for $3.49 each, clearance frosting for $0.49 and $0.69 each, clearance produce for $1.00/bag, clearance tomatoes for $0.59 each, and a slice of chocolate creme pie for my pregnant self.  I spent $26.81 on food.

On Tuesday I made it to Fred Meyer since we needed milk and butter.  I also picked up angel food cake mix, black beans, and onions for camping.  DH drinks a lot of pop at work and while I almost never buy it, I figured a week away from the office would result in cravings so I got it for him.  I also picked up some clearance apples and guacamole.  I spent $30.20 on food.

I was back at Fred Meyer on Friday to score huge boxes of Kix for $2.59 after coupon and splurged on clearance Avengers cereal for my kids to enjoy while camping with their mostly boy cousins.  I also got strawberries for the requested strawberry shortcake ($1.49/lb), butter for $1.99/lb, cocoa for a full-priced $5.59, clearance Hershey bars for s'mores at $0.49 each, clearance candy for DH $0.49, PB2 Powder I've been wanting to try for $2.19, clearance corn, beans, frosting, & tomato suace, GF bread for a whopping $6.69, hot dog buns, and sour cream.  I spent $15.75 on food.

Thursday was a big peach bulk buy but because I was leaving town on Friday I just got one box.  A sweet friend picked them up for me.  It was $18.00 for a 24 pound box.  DH actually went to get them from my friend and also bought eggs for $5.00 while he was there.

On Friday I popped into the Dollar Tree and spent $2.00 on whipped topping for the strawberry shortcake.

On Friday I also went to County Market because they sent another $10/$50 coupon!  Yay!  My total came in at $50.46 so I got a full 20% off all my purchases!  Yay again!  Food stuff included pudding cups for $1.00 ($0.80 each after coupon), cereal for $1.49 after MC ($1.19 after store coupon), sunflower seeds for salad were $1.20 after coupon, brownie mixes were $1.00 after coupon, pork chops were $1.22 for 1.1 lbs and $1.55 for 1.24 lbs, chicken breast was $1.59/lb, nitrate free hot dogs were $1.20 per package, corn was $0.27/ear, tomatoes were $0.79/lb - all after coupon.   Food worked out to $28.18.

Clearly it was a ton of shopping!

I also spent $9.40 on Amazon for GF cornbread mix and $7.95 for GF graham crackers.  Yowza!

Week 32 Total: $179.29
2015 Year-to-date Total: $3,459.12
Weekly Average 2015: $108.10


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