Monday, April 6, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 14 - $58.03

Finally!  A lighter week to bring my average down.

I had a quick trip to Fred Meyer on Tuesday with a kiddo for a mommy-daughter date.  She has been looking for a particular toy and I got to pick up a few deals.  Win-win!  I spent $24.49 on coffee, bread, cottage cheese, clearance oranges, butter and clearance fresh mozzarella.

We were visiting my aunt over Easter and I picked up a few things over the several days we were there.  One trip to Fred Meyer I spent $3.98 on basil & gf spaghetti.  Another trip I spent $14.89 for milk, whipping cream, candy for Easter eggs, and tomatoes.

Our milk delivery was $13.47.

The whole week: $58.03
Year-to-date: $1,135.96
Weekly Average: $81.14


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