Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Freezer Progress

We got back from California a couple of days ago.   Before we left I did a lot of cooking and used several things out of the freezer.  It was looking pretty frosty and I felt a sense of urgency.

I even moved lots of things into the inside freezer, packing it tightly on the top and bottom shelves.  There's still lots of space on the middle shelves though!  And I'm moving through the fruit quickly with smoothies every couple of days.

Imagine my surprise (and dread) when I got home and saw this:

Ugh, so discouraging!  I seriously just HAVE to defrost this baby, soon.  Today I pulled out a turkey to thaw, some tubs of applesauce, and made the kids chicken nuggets for lunch.  Dinner included a box of tofu patties - honey bbq flavor.

I don't know if I'll manage this big task by the end of the month, but I'm sure going to try!


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