Sunday, April 26, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 17 - $189.23

It was a big week!

The first shopping trip was to Albertsons on Tuesday.  I spent a whopping $67.56 when all I really wanted was some fruit and a head of lettuce.  I found lots of things on clearance.that I decided to buy: 5 dozen eggs for $5.99, several packages of beef averaging 1.4 pounds that were between $2.00 and $2.50 each, 10 packages of nitrate-free sausage for $2.00 each, 1# lunchmeat for $2.25, 12 oz fresh mozarella for $3.99, and 28 GF fruit/nut bars for $0.25 each.  I also bought some bananas, apples, a bell pepper, and a head of lettuce.

I am finally looking at my receipt for the first time and am AGHAST to see that I was charged for honeycrisp apples at $3.99/lb when I came home with jazz apples that were supposed to be $0.99/lb.  Yowza!  $12 bucks instead of $3!  Gah!  And it's too late to do anything about it.  Yet another reminder to check my receipt BEFORE I LEAVE THE STORE!  Unfortunately I'm usually racing out of Albertson's on Tuesday because I have to pick up a kiddo from an appointment.

I went to QFC Wednesday night with one kiddo just to kill some time and be together.  I spent $21.61 on broccoli, parsley, oranges, carrots I needed for a recipe, some clearance organic yogurt, 3# nitrate free sausage, 2 creamers, clearance Easter candy, and a couple jars of baby food.

I was hoping I'd done enough shopping for the week since I was nearing $90, but then I stopped into Fred Meyer Thursday night because I needed some fruit for a weekend brunch.  Then I spent $27.62 on salad dressing, basalmic vinegar, lettuce, clearance apples & oranges, cucumbers, GF noodles, Doritos, onions, tomatoes, basil, and 2# strawberries.

I stopped for a $5 watermelon on Friday at Safeway and picked up some hummus and a can of refried beans I needed for a recipe.  I spent $9.07.

Friday a friend gave me some food from her freezer.  She's involved in a gleaning ministry and sometimes shares with me when she has more than she can use.  This time is was 2 sourdough mini bread-boules, a package of sourdough dinner rolls, a bake-yourself loaf of organic artisan bread, a couple pears, a handful of apples, a bag of organic carrots, and that's all I can remember right now.  I love that my friend thinks of me and knows I won't let usable food go to waste.

Finally, I went to Fred Meyer today to get a couple things I wanted for meals this week.  I spent $49.88 on a lot of food.  I spent $1.67 on each box of Special K (trying out a new GF version), $0.99 for 5# potatoes, $0.99 for sour creams & cottage cheese, creamers were $2.00, $2.00, $1.95 and $1.75 after coupons, ice cream was $2.00 each, celery, bread for $1.25, clearance turkey sausage for $2.00 each, cheese for $5.99 each, and chicken nuggets were $4.25 after coupon.

I am still trying to use the contents of my freezer and buying so much meat this week did NOT help: over 5 pounds beef and 10 pounds of sausages at Albertsons, 3 pounds sausage at QFC, and 3 more pounds sausages at Fred Meyer do not help me free up freezer space!  Also, my sweet friend gave me bread that rightly should go in the freezer.  We ate the rolls and the bake-at-home loaf already, but I'm think some creamy broccoli cheddar soup might be good for those sourdough boules.

We also had our milk delivery for $13.47

Total Week 17: $189.23
Year-to-date Total: $1,466.67
Weekly Average: $86.27

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