Sunday, April 12, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 15 - $117.22

This week was pretty typical.  I'm having a heck of a time staying under $100/week!  Cash only for week 16 so I know what I've spent.

I went to QFC Tuesday because I had an unexpectedly free 20 minutes.  I dashed in on the way home and picked up Tillamook 2# bricks for $5.99 each, clearance yogurt for $1.99/4-pack, clearance chicken broth for $0.29, clearance veggies for $0.15 and $0.39, clearance soup for $0.69, oranges, bananas, and some clearance Easter candy for 50% off.  I spent $27.62.

I went to Albertsons while one kiddo was at therapy.  I got 4 bags of Easter candy on clearance for a late celebration we had with family this weekend.  I also got 1# clearance ham for $2.99, a stuffed chicken breast for $2.87, a big pork sirloin roast for $1.79/lb, and it's not in the picture but I also spent $0.99 on a piece of pie from the bakery clearance rack.  I spent $24.03 on food.

Next up was Costco on Wednesday.  I spent $45.72 on chips, veggie straws, canned tomatoes, tortillas, and GF flour.  GF flour is on sale this month at Costco so I bought 2 bags.

I also made a trip to Champion Foods in Issaquah but somehow didn't take a photo.  The receipt has amounts, but not descriptions.  I spent $19.85 and I think this is what I bought: 10 boxes of organic Mac'n'Cheese for $0.50 each, 2 boxes of GF Mac'n'Cheese for $2.50 each, a box of 6 individual packs of GF cheesy crackers for $2.80, 4 bags of Kettle chips for $0.50 each and a bag of popcorn for $0.50.  We have a road trip coming up so this shopping trip was with snacks in mind.

I spent $117.22 this week and skipped our milk order.

Total year to date 2015: $1,253.18
Weekly Average 2015: $83.55

This is so high compared to $64.46 in 2014!  But is pretty OK compared to $81.71 in 2013.


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