Tuesday, October 14, 2014

We Have Hot Water! - update

I didn't want to leave anyone out of the loop so I'm updating about our hot water situation.  I wrote a lengthy post last week on Thursday all about events up to that point.  Thanks friends, for praying for me! 

That day we did not have anyone come to check out the problem.  DH's attempts to reach our friend's friend were unsuccessful. So first thing Friday morning DH called the company who services our furnace and asked about hot water heaters.  They said a guy could come out and have a look that afternoon.  DH explained the whole situation because we didn't want to pay for a service call if the technician would refuse to work on it.  Yes, they would still send someone.

So Friday afternoon I met Pete and he was great.  He was dismayed about the venting situation, but still had a look at everything and eventually delivered the sad news: We need a new hot water heater.  He explained the things that had deteriorated in the heater and how it might be possible to replace or repair them, but the cost and labor would run about $800.  Even then, he couldn't be sure it would work or for how long because it was just worn out. 

Ed and I talked it over and decided that we'd rather have a new one than pay $800 to fix the old one.   We talked about getting a tank v. tankless.  A tank is significantly cheaper but due to the space in our utility room and all the plumbing and structure already fitted for a tankless heater we decided to dip deep into our emergency fund and get another tankless.  Also, we figured over the life of the heater we could definitely justify the tankless as soon enough we'll have 4 daughters showering everyday and a need for more than 40 or 50 gallons of hot water in a given morning. 

I called my brother Friday evening and he agreed to come install the heater for us AND fix the venting problem.  I am sooooo thankful and blessed.  Would you believe he got up at 4AM on Saturday, drove 7 hours to our house (stopping on the way to buy the hot water heater while he was still in Oregon to save us sales tax), then proceeded to work hard until 10PM when he got back in his car to drive virtually all night to get home by Sunday?  Crazy!  And again, soooo thankful.

All the kids got a bath Sunday morning and DH and I enjoyed glorious, hot showers instead of a sink of warm water for our morning ministrations.  Hooray! 

The best part is that this new hot water heater is even better than the old one.  It can heat more gallons per minute so I can actually run the clothes washer or dishwasher while someone is in the shower!  And the kitchen faucet will actually pull hot water all by itself!  Previously, the faucet water had to travel so far it never got warm unless a bigger appliance was pulling a bigger amount of water all the way to the kichen/laundry room.  Now it takes about a minute, but the hot water does come to my kitchen sink!  I am in hot water heaven! 

Thanks for reading and caring.  Love, Katie

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