Friday, October 10, 2014

2014 Groceries Week 40 - $168.37

We came home to a very empty fridge - I had left an unopened half gallon of milk and coffee creamer so we wouldn't have to run our immediately for the basics, but that was about it!

I was also bummed that we still had fruit flies!  There was nothing for them to eat for 2 weeks.  I even ran the disposal to be sure there were no appealing remnants, but no luck.  Oh well.  I know the traps are working because there are flies in them every day, but I want them to work faster!  lol.

With little food in the house we opted for popcorn and smoothies for dinner our second night home, but I was out of popcorn.  I had bulk purchased (and split with a friend) a 25 pound bag of multi-colored, organic popcorn about a year ago.  I am so sad it's gone!  Anway, I went to the closest grocery store, QFC, for popcorn and picked up a few other things. I spent $10.68.

Next stop was Costco on Monday with 3 kids (one was at ballet class).  I want to incorporate more organic and/or better meats into our diet, but I am limited by the budget right now.  I picked up a 10 pound bag of frozen chicken breast for $21.99 and my usual Costco purchases of cheeses, lettuce, and organic tortilla chips.  I spent $59.74.  DH picked up some take-n-bake pizzas that night for us.  He found 2 on clearance at QFC for $5.98 total.  Yay!

I went to Albertsons on Tuesday for the $0.99 hot dogs.  Oscar Meyer has a nitrate-free hot dog I've found included in sales this summer, but they were all out at Albertsons so I just bought regular.  I also swung into the Dollar Store of pepperoni and whipped cream.    Between both stores I spent $17.01.  (not pictured - pita bread)

I was at Albertson's again the next day because I had spotted major shampoo markdowns but I didn't have my coupons with me.  Doh!  I went back for the shampoo deals and picked up 4 quarts of coffee creamer and 2 containers of Dreyers ice cream while I was there.  The food was $12.94 and I didn't take a picture.

And finally, I spent $35.19 at Fred Meyer and $8.96 at QFC on Saturday.  I found a whole organic chicken for $1.49/lb and stocked up on the pudding for $.79/pack.  It's a gluten-free, dye-free snack my kids love and I keep it hidden in a white, five gallon bucket in the pantry so they don't see it and beg.  I also bought coffee and sugar that we were running low on.  My kiddo was excited I bought hot cocoa and the whole purpose of shopping was to buy eggs (not pictured) so I could make deviled eggs for church the next morning.

Milk delivery was $12.87
Eggs were $5.00 for 2 dozen
It was another big week: $168.37
Total year-to-date: $3,407.58
Weekly Average: $85.19
I'm afraid this next week will be a big spending week, too, as I replenish some basic stores.

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