Sunday, October 19, 2014

2014 Groceries Week 42 - $114.29

This week I really wanted to limit my spending because the last few weeks were so big! 

I also had a friend mention something this week about how much time I spend grocery shopping and I thought I should clear up any misunderstandings the might be lingering.  I'm super-busy and I don't have time to grocery shop constantly.  Many of my shopping trips are squeezed in 15 or 20 minutes when I'm between errands or already out for an appointment.  I'm typically not making special trips or spending much time at this.

This was a quick visit to Fred Meyer at 10PM on a Monday night.  I had just left my accountability group and thought I'd swing by on my way home to get butter.  I didn't buy it because it was ridiculously priced, but found some other great stuff instead: An organic chicken, 4 lbs of apples for $2.00 and some tomatoes on the vine.  I spent about 20 minutes in the store and spent $12.43.

On Tuesday I dashed into Albertsons with 3 girls while the 4th was at speech therapy.  We were in the store less than 15 minutes.  I picked up frozen corn, some grapes, and this amazing markdown meat.  It's bone-in grilling steak that were on sale B1G1 and had peelie stickers.  I found two of similar size and paid $5.38 total for over 3 pounds.  With grapes & corn I spent $11.67.
Costco - dashed into Costco for a couple things on Wednesday after a visit to the pumpkin patch.  My aunt & uncle came with us, so they fed the girls half-slices of Costco pizza while I ran in for butter and  string cheese.  I could not believe how the price of butter has increased!  A year ago I spent $8.99 on the Costco pack and thought it was expensive, but this week I paid $12.99!!!  The string cheese was also $12.99 so I spent $25.98 at Costco. 
QFC - Later wednesday I stopped at QFC after DD#1's ballet class.  We just milled around looking for clearance deals and I found a lot:  4 bagels for $0.99 ( a kid splurge), 2 lb bags of apples for $0.99 each, 8 oz. fresh mozzarella for $0.99 each (yummo!), a whoopee pie/cookie thing for DH $0.99 (also a kid-prompted purchase), yami plain yogurt $1.79 each, a greek yogurt for $0.39 and 2 deli pizzas for $2.99 each.  The most exciting purchase was not on clearance, but on sale.  A 7 oz  pack of pepperoni for $1.50 which I thought might be cheaper than the Dollar Store.  Sure enough, I looked when I got home and my usual purchase at the Dollar Store is $1.00 for 3 oz.  So this pepperoni was a great sale price.  I spent $17.39 at QFC.
I went back to QFC when I was running errands Saturday.  We were out of milk and I was planning to pick up that pepperoni again.  I found lots of other clearance deals include $1.99 for 1# chubs of sausage, $2.39 for 1# packages of turkey lunchmeat, $1.79 for plain Yami yogurt, $0.39 for a greek yogurt cup, 6 mandarin oranges for $0.99, and 3 big apples for $0.99.  I also got some fresh pears.  I spent $33.95 in total.
Milk was $12.87
Week 42 Total: $114.29
2014 Year-to-date Total: $3,656.80
Weekly 2014 Average: $87.07

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