Sunday, October 26, 2014

2014 Week 43 Groceries - $103.73

This week was pretty average on the grocery shopping front. 

I went to Fred Meyer on Monday.  I wanted to get some certified gluten-free hot cereal for DD#2.  We have standard oatmeal & I think the trace gluten has been having a negative effect.  At least I'm hoping that's what the problem is!  The GF cereal was $3.99 but I consoled myself with knowing it's so very much cheaper than cold cereal.  Other notable items - the 10# bag of potatoes was $2.48.  I only needed a 5# bag, but it was $2.99!  Of course I'll buy the 10# instead.  Altogether I spent $36.29 at Fred Meyer.
 I stopped at Albertsons just to look for clearance deals on Tuesday when I was nearby.  I'd been scoring some great deals on meat lately, but not this Tuesday.  Rats.  We got candy free with 5 cans of sale soup and decided to try a couple new GF snacks.  The lettuce was $.99 on clearance.  I spent $7.99 altogether. 
 I went to QFC Wednesday on my way home from a kid activity.  I scored major clearance produce - hooray!  There were 3 bags of clementine oranges (8-9 each) for $0.99.  I got red band bananas for $0.49/lb.  And I got 9 bags of apples for $0.99 each.  DD#1 and I weighed every bag to be sure it was over 2# so I know at most I spent $0.50/lb.  We also found clearance bagels ($0.99), clearance frosting ($0.99) just in time for Christmas cookies, and clearance Caesar salad (for me).  We also got taffy for $0.50 just to try it (GF).  I spent $25.58 altogether.
Finally, I picked up some carrots and beets as part of my bulk buy group.  I spent $21.00.  It was $7.00 for 5# organic carrots and $7.00 each for organic regular beets and Chioggia beets.    
I still haven't met my friend for eggs.  Sad!
Milk was $12.87
Total for 2014 week 43:  $103.73 
Year-to-date 2014: $3,760.53
Weekly Average: $87.45
Love, Katie

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