Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Canning Pears

I had those 85ish pounds of organic pears to process a couple of weeks ago so I got busy canning.  These girls were happy helpers - I paid them $0.10 each for each pear that they peeled.  I have to add that my 5 year old, kitchen-loving, DD#3 peeled just as fast as 9 year old DD#1.  DD#1 was very conscious of how many dimes were in each girls cup and kept checking to make sure she had more, even though it was only 1 or 2 more for the duration of the peeling!  They only peeled one box, but it was worth the couple of bucks to get the canning done that much faster!

Here's the finished product, but we ate at least a dozen raw pears before and after as well.  They were extremely delicious!
I am not a canning pro, but I've done pears 4 or 5 times so it's pretty low stress.  See previous year here.  My favorite canning website is  They have instructions for just about everything with color photos to help show the way.  I also rely on my Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving
And now I'll feel good this winter about giving my kids organic fruit.
Love, Katie

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