Thursday, November 7, 2013

Week 43 Grocery Shopping - $87.16

I've been so behind since I got home from vacation!  I've been busy organizing at home and the blogging has slipped, but I want to be sure and catch the grocery spending because it's been such a fun year of learning my true food costs!

While I was in Hawaii DH only went to the store once.  He bought cereal and more bananas.  I guess he didn't want to make the kids eat oatmeal.  =)  He said he spent $6.

My girlfriends and I managed to eat pretty reasonably in Hawaii.  It worked out to about $70 per person which I have to admit I was VERY pleased with since the first suggestion discussed a couple  months ago was $150 per person.

Finally, our milk delivery was $11.16.

Total for groceries the week I was out of town was $87.16.
Total cost of groceries year-to-date 2013: $4,402.32
Total average weekly grocery cost: $102.38


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