Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekly Shopping - $91.81

I just started my week out of town, but I did some shopping last week to get DH all squared away for while I'm gone.

I went to Fred Meyer because we've been going through tons of cereal and it was on sale last week.  They also had cheese for $3.99 for a 2# brick, we were out of baby wipes, and there were only a few coffee filters.  I didn't want DH to have to go out to the store with all the kids so I tried to prepare well.  I hit the jackpot in the clearance bin.  There were tons of Progresso soups for $0.59 each so I cleaned them out of everything except Clam Chowder.  The soups were on sale last week for $1.25 so the clearance price was just $0.59!  I kicked myself a little when I got home and saw a $2.00/8 e-MC for Progresso on the Fred Meyer website.  Oh well.  I spent $52.28 on groceries.

Cereal - 3/$5 and 1/$1.99 ($2.00/4 MC) = $1.25 each
Apple Cider Vinegar - $3.99 (to kill fruit flies for oh, the next 5 years)
12 pack pop - $1.29 on clearance
Orange juice - $1.00
Mac'n'Cheese - 2/$0.89
Mac'n'Cheese - $0.50 each
Dressing - $2.00 each
PB - $1.50 each
Progresso - $0.59 each on clearance (9 light Italian meatball, 2 beef pot roast, 4 steak burger, 4 heart healthy chicken noodle, 4 heart healthy chicken & wild rice, 1 creamy roasted chicken & wild rice)
Nalley Chili - $0.49 on clearance
Campbells grilled sirloin & vegetable - $0.79
Cheese - $3.99 each for 2# bricks
Sour Cream - $1.25
Pizzas - $2.99 on clearance for package of 2.
Cucumber - $0.59
Green Pepper - $0.59
Bananas - $0.64/lb
Celery - $0.79/lb

I went to Fred Meyer again on Wednesday because I realized I was supposed to bring food to MOPS on Thursday morning.  Of course I was very late signing up and had to bring fruit.  I almost never sign up for fruit (unless there's no other choice) because it's expensive compared to other items I could bring.

I took a picture, but I'm in Hawaii without my camera so I'll just tell you I spent $28.38 on food:
$3.99 each - 2 bricks of 2# cheese
$0.64/lb - Bananas
$1.99 - Tazo tea on clearance
$1.25  each - 2 tubs of sour cream
$1.99/lb - 3 bags of grapes (2 for MOPS, 1 for home)

Our milk delivery was $11.16 and my friend's chickens remain uncooperative.

This week I spent $91.81 on groceries
Year-to-date 2013: $4,315.16
Weekly Average: $102.74


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